February 19, 2009

Mid Day

I read a post on Unchaahi regarding the exploitation of victims of sexual exploitation by newspapers, here specifically about MID DAY on their front page. I was so shocked that something which I have never previously noticed has such a huge impact on these unfortunate ones. This is what is expected of the numerous gossip magazines which we have already!

I thought about what was said felt that any number of mails being sent to the editor will not be enough and I must write in what I feel.

Here is my mail to the MID DAY Editor


The Editor

I am writing to say that a reputed well read paper like yours should be ashamed to run front page pictures of victims of sexual exploitation!

What are you trying to report? Do you realize that what you are trying to report is the crime? A crime is done by a criminal, and it does not matter against whoever.


Because of newspapers like you victims are further traumatized and they end up thinking it is better to end their lives ( like that young girl in Karnataka). If you say that these women should be brave, well 1 of many are brave, but if you correct your reporting methods, we can save those many too. If you just leave the victims alone, half the world would not even know what the victim looks like she has to deal with only one kind of trauma.

Please correct your mistakes before you take more lives.

If you wish to write in to the editor, please visit the Mid Day website and click on the link "Letter to Editor" on the top right corner of the webpage.


  1. A valid one Aathira... At times our newspapers were going beyond their limits

  2. Yes you are correct..aim of newspapers are only to sell..

    You see times of india women s sports personality pics

  3. Mid Day is not alone here. The Delhi edition of Hindustan Times also carries this piece (with an unwarranted picture of the girl) on its front page.
    Mid Day is anyways a tabloid newspaper and they thrive on sensational news. I wasn't expecting this from HT.

  4. you have a point...
    a poignant point...
    sensational news is what is ruining the press in our country...
    Thanks for writing that letter...

  5. Athira, All these papers have become on big juicy goss machine just like news channels. Everything for them is a 'Breaking news'. They will rerun such news for days.

  6. kanaguonline,sunder: Completely agree, they just aim to sell, which is not wrong but, I think they should report the right thing. If you have to print the victim's picture, where is the criminals' picture? I think people should shun the criminals and then things might improve by itself, even if the judicial system takes its own time!

    Have you seen how the faces of these criminals are shielded from reporters and cameramen when they are moved between stations/prisons/ to or from the courts? I think that picture is the first step to teaching them about their mistake.

    agaggar: I did not know that, just checked it out.

    I did not anyhow have a good image of HT, always thought of that as more of a tabloid in the costume of a newspaper. Mid day claims to be the voice of the people, and what not!

    Ajit: Welcome. Please do write in also.

    Solilo: I have seen re-runs on news channels, with the same clippings and the same story, for straight 10 mins. Channel: Headlines Today

  7. Thanks for writing them, i also thought on same lines,but never came to my mind to protest in this way.

  8. Renu : You too should write in to them!

  9. isnt there a law which is supposed to ensure u dont put up their pics like that.. or was it just moral decency which made them blur it till now.. still, its terrible really


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