February 3, 2009


Check out here a truly charming work of Lego which I have seen.

They are not huge construction projects, or grand expanses covered in lego. These are just perfect things which we see everyday, all captured in the Lego World.

I am just amazed that this is one toy which has not died out after all these years. There have been many, Mechanix and Electronix, and what not, but Lego is just plain LEGO!


  1. Yeah, they have worked to keep it going for so long. They are only ones I have seen who build large figures in prominent places. I remember seeing a larger-than-life dinosaur at Disney World in Orlando.

  2. Shantanu: True, I think they cater to any kind of building that you wish to do. I am yet to see someone actually living in one though :)

  3. cool link! i used to love playing lego. i think if i were given a set now i would go crazy too. :D


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