February 8, 2009

Little Miss Sunshine

Here she is in her favourite spot on the balcony. Lazing away in the afternoon sun.


  1. I think this cat would make a wonderful politician :P (by the looks :P )

  2. wow Regal kitty .. cover page on life of rich and famous. :)

  3. Reema: Thanks

    Vishesh: Ha ha.. she is very cunning.. she pounces from behind doors!

    tikulicious: :D :D I think as per Vishesh asn you, she should be on India Today!

    Hip Grandma: Yups.. She has been with me for over 1.5 years now.

  4. Hahahaha....
    give a dog food, and the dog will think that you are God,
    give a cat food, and it will think that it is god..... :)

    LOL.... she is cute.....

  5. That's a cutie. Did you change the theme Athira?

  6. Devil Mood: :) She is a cutie, isn't she?

    Ajit: I totally agree, she is completely the boss of the house!

    Solilo: Ya Solilo, I changed the theme. I change it quite often, love changing colours and looks of the blog every other month.

  7. bootylicious...she is one elegant feline there!!!

  8. That's one adorable picture! My cat also loves to sleep in the sun in the balcony :)


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