February 25, 2009

Adding a dash of colour

I have been meaning forever to decorate my house and add a bit of colour to the rooms. I have always loved the way my mother decorated the place, very light, breezy and fresh. I always used to say I would do just that to my house too, but now that the time is here and I have been living here for almost a good 1.5 years, I have failed miserably at making the place look even slightly fresh and breezy.

Now I shall be moving houses again (the pains of rental lease agreements); and I hope that I shall change the look and feel of my new home. So, for this very purpose, I decided that I shall list down all the small things which can be added so as to give a more pleasing and warm appeal to my new home.

  1. Light coloured curtains
  2. Ceramics on windowsills
  3. Framed photographs on the walls
  4. Embroidered wall hangings
  5. Hanging lamp shade
  6. Bookshelf with many shelves so that I can also keep decoratives

Is there anything more that you can add to this list? Every single suggestion will be extremely welcome. I seem to have no ideas at all :(


  1. here's my two pence:
    1-small potted plants
    2-rugs(if space permits)
    3-handicrafts- like dokra art,bastar iron craft..
    4-colourful cushion covers
    5-painting(ur own or bought. all art isnt expensive. you get relatively cheap traditional art at craft mela/exhibitions)
    6-ganpatis/laughing buddha..or other feng shui articles..if u believe in them or if u find them pretty.

  2. how about painting one of the walls in a room, a nice blue/yellow/good orange color.

    and also try to use bright colored beadsheets.

  3. what works for me is a really deep red rug in the living room, and a few red covered cushions on the futon.
    Red really works with the cream walls that most apts here have...
    (stay away from the "earthy" colors like brown and rust unless you have really good sunlight)

  4. Aathira, I am a interior designer at heart. I do change our home's interior decor every 3 months and people love it.

    If you post pics of your new home then I can give some suggestions. I like to keep it clutter-free mostly. Also a mix of contemporary and Indian style.

    Dash of color is a good idea.

  5. I am sorry but I have no idea... :) my room consists only of my sleeping bag and nothing else... :)

    and btw, you have been tagged...

  6. mandira: Small potted plants, ganapatis and cushions sound like great ideas.

    I have 2 rugs so need to wash them up before the move. But, since I am in Bangalore, I find it so difficult to find any nice handicraft stuff like I used to find in Dilli Haat :(

    Lijy Can't paint the walls in the leased place! :( I should pick up a new bed sheet too, something bright and spring coloured!

    Googoo Baby: Presently I have a blue ad green rug in my living room, blue and white curtains and some blue cushions too.

    Now that you have said red, I think I will get a red rug for my bedroom, maybe smaller in size and that will be nice with some red throw on cushions:)

    Solilo: Th moment I move in, which wont be in another 2 weeks, I shall post pics so then everyone can suggest changes and additions which can be made!

    I am planning to have some paintings or stuff put up on the walls to add that dash of colour!

    Great idea!

    Ordinary Guy: Ha ha.... you do not even have a mattress? Why?

    I shall pick up the tag soon here!

  7. Mandu's idea of small potted plants is really good. Plants really add freshness to the room. Also if you aren't allowed to paint the place then use red. Red in cushions or rug or some curios.

    Red is richness and along with Green from plants, you can tie the entire room with these two colors.

    On the Coffee table you can have a small brass pot (I presume you are a Malayali by your last name so I am talking about small URULI). Fill uruli with water and keep a fresh flower or candle in that. On the side Have a favorite book of yours about India or any subject of your choice.

    When you post pictures I am sure everyone can help you out more.

  8. oh, i LOVE your new look! if i had the css upgrade and a friend who could do css i'd get that friend to do this one for me. :P

    anyway, i think i like moving houses. i've lived in mine practically my whole life but i've shifted rooms twice now. i like the process of starting over - getting new furniture and stuff.

    well, a writing table's not necessary but it would be a nice touch. it can be useful to put things and if you have a laptop that's where it can go nicely.

    and some nice curtains! one that looks pretty yet covers the brightness if you need in sleep in during the day. :D

  9. hey! got hey from mandira's blog and stopped in my tracks to stare at Whisky!! Am all drunk in awwwwwww-ness!

    No suggestion on home decor, Mandy listed everything i could have thought of n more! Happy Decorating :D

  10. Solilo: I should get small pots with plants. I started yesterday with a 'Money Plant' and Whisky darling is having a blast trying to paw the poor leaves! I have presently moved it to a window ledge.

    There is a nursery close to the new place also, so should be simpler to get pots/plants

    Sulz:Hmm.. now I need to decide between a writing table and a bookshelf! Lemme see what fits into my budget.

    craftyshines: Thank you so mcuh! She is a very prim and proper cat! She loves cleaning and lazing about wherever she gets to.

    Thanks for dropping by!

  11. i want want want a calming see greenish wall in my house one day. dunno when that's going to happen. would like an orange wall too!! :D

    and with u on the curtains ... curtains can make or break a room ... and plants ... loads of 'em.

    ah one day.

  12. Plants... I'd go with plants anyday.. Maybe a rug or two....

  13. roop: I am on my way growing plants.

    My first seed germinated! I was so thrilled in the morning, that my flat mate must have thought I have lost it, jumping up and down!

    I am thinking a wall hanging to brighten up the wall, which I can not paint.

    Ritu: Plants its going to be! I have two rugs: 1 blue and another multi-coloured stripes.

    I am thinking a wall hanging to brighten up the wall, which I can not paint.


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