February 11, 2009

Muthalik and look alikes!

We have a Muthalik who says that women should be shrouded and kept indoors, and in Europe we have the Pope and his Bishops who also believe in something similar.

The following have been picked up from an article on IHT.

His Bishop is to have passed a comment on Swedish television , stating that Jews killed in the Holocaust to be just a mere 100, and the Pope did not seem to consider the situation important enough to demand an apology or correct the statement, in spite of it being a well known fact that Jews have been killed in far greater numbers and its is a very sensitive topic to comment upon without a serious thought.

Further he has some more thoughts and ideas which he wishes to perpetuate to the masses.

He disapproves of their wearing pants and believes that they shouldn't be permitted to attend universities.

Now I ask myself, if in a seemingly forward European Society this kind of talks and mentalities do exist. Then is a wonder that someone like Muthalik has similar or worse views?

Among his stranger ideas is that the World Trade Center in New York City was destroyed by explosions, not by hijacked airplanes.

Now, I am not sure whether he does not believe his own eyes, or he does not generally wish to see the truth, or worse still, he will not accept that technology exists which will prove that a flight approached and collided with the WTC causing the collapse of the structure!

Many of Lefebvre's followers joined the movement because of its devotion to the traditional Latin Mass, dropped by the Second Vatican Council and reinstated by Pope Benedict in 2007. But in its essence, the movement stands for something else - something narrow, dark and very dated.

As we see in this Wiki entry, there is a great deal of male-female inequality which stemmed even during today's times. This wiki entry is of the society which has been formed by Lefebvre in the 1970s.

We have one religion of the world brought under scrutiny by moral police, and second brought under de-reform and un-conciliation with the world at large with their old, dark and dated ideology.

Now I am waiting to watch what worse can be brought forth?


  1. :(....

    Now I am waiting to watch what worse can be brought forth?
    Things will be better... :) I hope so.....

  2. After the recent election results I feel we have the sense to say no any threats of such a nightmare in India.


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