February 5, 2009

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan on Radio Indigo Bangalore

On Thursday, 05 February 2009, radio Indigo 91.9 FM aired a talk with Aishwarya Rai Bachchan at 10 AM. The funny thing about the talk as per me was that in the less than 5 minute conversation between the radio jockey and Mrs. Bachchan, she never answered the questions which were asked, maybe excepting one.

Let me explain. The RJ asked questions regarding her doing films with Abhishek and how it was to be doing movies with him before and after marriage. Then he asked about how her in laws were away from the limelight.

Now the answers, she never answered anything about the in laws question. She in fact did not even answer anything regarding her in laws. She spoke about her movies with Abhishek and how marriage changes a person. Now why would any person say something completely unrelated as this. Then is when I realized that this interview/talk was never meant to be for Radio Indigo! This is something she might have spoke to some other Radio channel, maybe in Mumbai (just a guess) and this has been just aired the same here. Now I would think that the RJ would at least have procured the questions asked and repeated the same to make the ‘talk’ look authentic enough. But he did not do that, and we ended up listening to a complete haywire session.

Prior to this incident, I regarded the Bangalore Radio Indigo as decent, excepting for some completely unforgivable programs. Why would they require portraying this talk as being directly to the Bangalore station and spoil that image?


  1. lol, anything for advertisements and revenue :) at least you understud what happened.. thing of those who is still wondering about it :P

  2. that's actually quite hilarious. you know how they say that even cheating requires some brains!! :D :D

    or maybe aish was just being as vague as she always is. i can't stand that woman when she starts speaking ... and yet i still keep staring after muting the video. :D

  3. Lol Yes it is possible that there was no real interview by that RJ, but then I have seen these celebrities give inane, meaningless, vague answers no matter what you ask them!
    Our Politicians are equally great at interviews.

  4. saala, these radio stations really make a fool out of us I think!!!

    With each passing day more and more bizzarre things happen!

  5. Sawan: Completely sympathize with those wondering what happened. Just a crazy gimmick to attract attention.

    Roop: True, I can not say whether that was her being ' vague'. If so, that is a tad too vague!

    IHM: Ha ha

    Chandini : LOL! That ' saala' was awesome!

  6. :)) May be as usual Ash didn't get the question.

  7. Solilo: Thats yet another possibility. But is she that dumb? I don't know!

  8. you all need a break.listen to Indigo and then criticise.Change the channel guys...simple.be thankful to all the music indigo gives us.


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