February 17, 2009

Nrityagram & Taj Kuteeram

Nrityagram is a dance gurukul which has been set up by Protima Bedi. I had done a post on various gurukuls too earlier. I am very glad I could visit this one here. It is located 30-40 kms outside Bangalore on route to Tumkur.

The route is very simple and can be reached with the easy directions from their website. Only clause being that you should reach there before 2 pm as the visiting hours are 9 am – 2 pm only. We reached there only at 2 pm and hence missed the school :( Following this, we went on for a nice lunch.

Opposite to the entrance of Nrityagram is Taj Kuteeram, which is also constructed in a very similar structure and style as the dance gurukul. Here are some pictures of the place and small things which caught my eye. We had lunch here and walked around the entire area, clicked many pictures and wondered into a watch tower and also between some geese and other animals which were roaming about.

The very helpful staff at Taj say that the olden glory and dance culture of this place is lost and not many students stay there nor do they come there to study. The architechture of the place is what is worth the visit.

I will someday make another visit to this place to see the dane school from inside.


  1. i have to hang out with u when im in bangalore next. :)

  2. :) i would love to learn dance but not at nityagram.... :) nor classical...

    you just keep giving others pointers on places to visit all the time..... :)

  3. It looks so serene. thanks Athira for bringing us these pictures.

    Sad that it is neglected now.

  4. Roop: You are welcome anyday :) I should be in Bangalore at least for another year.

    Ajit: I heard there was a Salsa festival at Goa a week back, and it had so many shacks converting areas into dance floors and all were in the mood to Salsa. http://www.eventsinindia.com/events/13364-goa-salsa-festival-09

    My resolution for this year is to TRAVEL! :)Hence, all the travel updates and to do lists.

    Solilo: I love to take pics! These are a few from a friends DSLR so you can truly feel the serenity.

    The website gives various details, but even from outside it looked very much like the whole splendor was being lost.

  5. ya i agree with u its so neglected i have been there twice and someone u come back so satisfied

    nice pics

  6. i have,of course, heard of protima bedi... unfortunately she died an untimely death...
    her looks look beautiful... earthy ..


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