February 21, 2009

A Valentine for Whisky

My Valentine gift to Whisky was a nice new collar. It was not pink, well she was already wearing a pink one for such a long time so, I thought I shall get a blue one. 

This is the pink collar which she had on for the past year.

And, here is the new collar which is her Valentine gift ! :)


  1. Wow, very chic!

    What is she under in the first picture? Are those curtains? I like the pattern.

  2. awww too cute... iam telling u, a pets life is The Best!!! :D

  3. you just love your cat so much......... :) but i am more fond of dogs...

  4. very spiffy collar. though people might mistake her for a male now though, due to the connotations of the colour. she sure doesn't like the camera, huh? :P

  5. I think my comment didn't go through.

    Whisky is absolutely adorable.

  6. Reema: :) Thanks!

    Devil Mood: She is under a bed spread which has been put out int he sun! She loves to pull and roll herself around the low lying ends!

    Its a lovely cotton one which I picked up from Fab India

    mandira: I completely agree! They dont even have to raise a finger to get their food and water. They just sleep and stretch all day and in between unearth some pots or fun!

    Ajit: I love dogs too. But then with a working lifestyle I dont want to have a dog too bored at home. Cats are very much to themselves so that helps a lot.

    I love her alot though! :)

    Sulz: I know.. I thought of that too. I was looking out for a red ( Valentine and all) but couldn't find anything I liked!:(

    Monika: Thanks! :)

    Solilo:Thanks so much! :)


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