October 1, 2008

SShhh..... Glum

I have realized that I tend to speak at times to people who are close to me in a manner which I think is appropriate, but they say is completely inappropriate.

Let me explain, last week I happened to bring up something which was supposed to have not been brought up, as I had previously and he had explained himself. Here again I decided that I was not convinced with that explanation, and brought it up. Why? I do not know. Even when I said it, I know that I should not have, but I was just irritated and saying something which gets back was all that I was looking at. It got back, and now I do not know what to do. My friend is real mad, refuses to speak, and has already said I do not want any sorry or anything as its not anger, but just the hurt feeling.

I live with my friend, and sitting in two separate rooms, on our laptops, just meeting in the kitchen, or on route to get a glass of water is not what I like. Its in fact so far from what I even remotely like. I know what I have done was so not right, and there is no question ofa sorry. I am just thinking about anything which is possible so that I can say that I understand what I have done. I take this kind of liberty with some, and it so backfires at me. When I am alert, and very receptive to others feelings, I am always in everyone's good books. The moment I let my guard down, I tend to be a bad person.. I am not sure why. Is it because inherently I am a bad person? Or because I am not caring enough towards those I take to trust and like? I can not imagine that I do not care for them, but I think I tend to believe that I can say anything, and that is where the issue lies.

I need to watch my mouth!


  1. Sometimes I too tend to bring up old skeletons out of irritation. Write ur frnd a sorry letter and promise never to bring up already explained stuff again!!

  2. happens with me all the time.. but does speaking your mind.. neccesarily hurt people... when you are all well meaning...

  3. i've done that before, so you're not the only one who gets into trouble with her mouth. :) reema's advice is good. and i'd think that your friend will get over her anger soon... you live together, it's not going to be fun for either of you if she holds a grudge!

  4. LOL@ "...Inherently I am a bad person..." Come on... U r a nice fella... and u should not stop yourself in thinking how other person will take your opinion/feelings... and especially when other person is close enough...

    As a friend i will always expect a person to show the real self... rather than thinking about books... Cuz frankly speaking i just have one book... and thats "friends"...

    Be yourself... if someone is a real friend... he/she will always understand... and make things clear... :)


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