October 16, 2008

Fashion Magazines

Today has been a deep down understanding of all women/ fashion magazines which are there in India :D :D It started with a thought to subscribe to Vogue India, then I decided against it simply based on the fact that I wanted to come home to some bit of simple reading and flipping through.

Anyhow, here goes...

Cosmopolitan: Sex talk + faltu + total time pass+ clothes and fashion

ELLE: Something that you can follow- they have a complete array of stuff from music, movies, books - fiction and literary, fashion - obviously , travel, cookery, horoscope, numerology and all that stuff, interviews (usually fashion people). I think the variety is real good, and the fact that there is books, movies, music makes it a more rounded read....and with the fashion centric bit too being there.

Elle is also said to have a good editorial board!

Marie Claire: A little cosmoish with the beauty/fashion dos and don't s, love and career stuff, sex talk, some global affairs ( a wee bit, well I would have read the newspaper if I wanted this) They have some travelogues also, which looks like a real good fun part.

Vogue: Total Fashion for the rich, by the rich. I couldn't really gather whether they dealt with anything other than FASHION. It covers all the fashion weeks and latest trends all over the world. I am not too sure how I would feel seeing everyone so much more rich and beautiful than moi!

Femina/ Women's Era: That's like the home + mommy magazine... tips and tricks, kiddy issues, cookery, family issues, some on going stories in parts, slightly the old line of a magazine.

It has been a fun day... reading loads of sites :) leafing through some online versions.

Image: http://www.renie.com/fashion-illustrator.jpg


  1. True analysis of Cosmo! If there is nothing else available I can read only Woman's Era..rest are crap.

  2. I usually only buy women's magazines when on holiday and I want a leisurely read. From the ones we've got here, I prefer Elle or Marie Claire but I usually buy the UK or France edition because it's a lot more fun to read mags in a different language. lol


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