October 30, 2008

Airport Security ?

Here, the magazine correspondents relates a story as to how they managed to get passed security at various US airports with the least effort, with banned items, false identity, no identities, wrong documents etc. I do not believe that security is said to be so tight nowadays and yet things like this can happen with so much ease. In fact kudos to them for carrying out such an intensive study on this.

If your security procedures are so technologically oriented and supposed to go beeping and shrieking even for a penny in your pocket why didn’t they do anything for all these said items which could make a dangerous items on board itself! Doesn't that count as being dangerous? Or is only if its in its true and mighty form it shall be deemed dangerous?

Prior to this article, I did not even know about the no fly list and its importance nor how it was being implemented in ensuring higher degree of security ( or so I thought it should be done). The complete no fly list sounds like such a farce on reading this piece. This list of all terrorist activity suspects has been very nicely created. But the fact that it doesn’t get checked at all steps shows that there are so many loopholes to push through for any smart want-to-commit-terrorism terrorists. I am sure they would have done their homework then right?

It is very nicely put that the whole airport security is set up and targeted to catch all the stupid terrorists, but then I really do not think that they are one bit stupid. And moreover, now it also looks like airport officials are just doing a routine procedure and nor ensuring that they do it right always!


  1. Nice theme!
    Still they are better than the security over here.

  2. Reema: I completely agree. In India, I am not even sure whether they are looking at the X - ray screen when the baggage is being scanned.


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