October 29, 2008

Change - I

Many a times when you speak with people, you tend to speak about common friends, and maybe in the process also speak about things which were said to you with the underlying understanding that you will not be mentioning the same to others. Unless these understandings are made clear, I think it is difficult to understand what the expected norm is.

It happened to me in the past week that I mentioned to a few of my friends, as a trail in what’s happening, and I happened to mention that my friends are busy with impending career decisions and hence we would be doing nothing much except for the usual Diwali affairs. Now, that it seems is not done at all, as that gives the impression that I am doing nothing as my friends are busy and hence I have no one to hang out with. But, isn’t that the truth also? When my friends are out of town, and I get bored at home over the weekend, everything is fine, but when more touchy issues are the ones gracing the occasion, I am not to mention a word to anyone, all hush- hush! The matter is not that I am not to mention what they are doing, it’s more to do with the impression that this will create about the scenario. I am not too sure whether this is my fault that I mentioned that I was doing nothing particularly this holiday season, or is it that I am not to blame my decisions (of not doing anything by myself) on anyone else, or their plans. Well, if they had nothing to do, then I am sure we would have gone ahead and done some interesting stuff over the four days. Now, doesn’t that make the reason for not doing anything a wee bit clearer?

Anyhow, I am not sure who is at fault, they have their own reasons and I was just bored, and voicing my boredom. I do not know if I was at fault, but I have decided to make an amendment and not speak on anything except solely myself with anyone. I am yet to see what will happen once I start implementing this. I am not even sure how difficult it would be to implement this regime.


  1. what is wrong in being honest?!!And why be so bothered about 'impressions', i don't know.
    For me, i usually speak my mind--and whatever impression it creates--so be it! True friends will understand.

  2. Preeti: I think they were more bothered as they were not very comfortable wit their career plans being heard by anyone without their knowledge.

    I agree that I too usually say what I think is right from within.

  3. Misunderstandings are common when we deal with a common group of people. But I don't see why you should be blamed for that.

  4. Devil mood:Blamed? No. But I think they do not somehow like it, so why create a sort of not liked situation, that is all.


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