October 6, 2008

Driving: Tumbling along

Yesterday I braved out to drive on the road, at 5 in the evening, so I would say that the roads were decently filled but not bumper to bumper traffic. I am not too proud of the whole trip, now that I think about it. The starting was fine, the roads are not cluttered, so I am still doing fine. Now the issue starts when the roads are packed or close to packed and this leads to a form of driving where the vehicles are a bit too close. I tend to judge the distances a little wrong for the normal comfort level. Nothing did happen yesterday, but that is certainly nothing to follow by, as I myself felt that things were a bit too close for relaxed breathing once I had parked the car back at its spot.

Once I happened to take the car a notch too close to a walker by, and the second time around I happened to move in a little too close again to some one standing just at the edge of the curb. In both cases I was within myself, confident I would not touch, but as my friend said, what if the person happens to move an inch to the right or left? That is what I need to start looking in for.

Here I remember the saying that Leos are risky or else (slightly) rash drivers. I was thinking once parked that maybe that is what they meant. I try to take that risk factor a bit too close for people's liking. As they say in this page, we like to take the close call!

But, one thing which I saw that has certainly improved was that I am not tensed, or stiff by just knowing that fact that I am amidst all these vehicles!


  1. sometimes you need a little thrill in your life. :P but yeah, when it gets too close it may get too thrilling - i've scraped the car a few times from my misjudgement. most of the time i don't, thankfully, but i find it amazing that my car could fit in such a small place!

    as for passers-by, they're usually more cautious than we are about cars. as long as we take care of where our car is going, chances of hitting one is quite minimal. i definitely take more care when i'm waiting to cross a carful street.

  2. ahha fellow leonine..lets see whether i too turn the prognosis true or not...


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