September 30, 2008

Who is sexy?

Your girl/boy friend, or her/his friend?

If you decided to answer the latter, then I would also like to know how many of your girl/boy friends know of your answer? Do they know your answer and are still perfectly happy about it? Or is it that they are not aware of your answer, maybe not in the complete clear sense! This incompleteness may be attributed to the habit of polishing up answers, which many if not all tend to do as per the person you're speaking to and their reaction through the conversation. Is this a right thing to do, I am not very sure, but I believe this is a very common thing to happen in many cases.

If you said the former, then I do hope what you said is true and not just the intuitive right answer which came about for you ;) I am happy for the girl/boy who you are with, as I believe such a feeling (that the person you are with is truly the sexiest, in your view) is a feeling which can add so much confidence and strength to a relationship. There is never any mixed feelings, or urge to prove oneself. All in all, why would you want to waste time in proving yourself (always) to someone! Will that be able to give anything good to any relationship?

I have also been thinking, is it so important, the whole physical appearance bit? Or is it something which should be pushed to the background in due course? What if one's personal good feeling depends on his/her physical appearance, its appreciation; and if that is not appreciated or worse still, liked, then where will the general happiness come from?

I completely believe that one's happiness should be given a lot of importance, if you wish to have a happy relationship. For that is it a lot to ask that your significant other be given some importance? I am sure that there will come some point of time, when your significant other will be deserving of some raving comments! Right?

What is the point of playing on the ' make one jealous' string?

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