October 22, 2008

Official Statements

I came across this very interesting slide show about women's wear and the transformation that it has seen through the years, in line with fashion and also with the nature of work women were involved with through the years.

Some interesting points I saw:

1920: As I infer from the statement, the working women were the only ones who were not wearing corsets

1960: Sexiness is office is what we see from now on, I don't think this phenomenon has changed in any sense, with respect to any profession in today's world.

1970: With the advent of pant suits, I safely assume this was the time when male- female equality battle also started!

1980: There the bold colours, in line with the show of female strength / power at work

1990: I truly think the 90s were the 'short' era!

2000: Stiletto heels, that is the best part of office fashion, wouldn't you agree?


  1. Why not "just work"... :D I know thats pretty mean of me... U rock gal!!!

  2. the best thing is it doesnt end at 2000!


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