April 7, 2008

Rock and Roll

This weekend I have been busy just downloading all the music which I can get my hands on, and one of my friend's happened to send me a clipping stating the top classics in rock and roll.

I always wanted some similar genre on music to what I am usually used to, and this set me on to downloading all the names mentioned here.

I wonder how many of us happen to listen to the latest songs and more importantly like it too. I hear them alright, all the latest Rap and Hip Hop on VH1 but I am not too sure about hearing them again. These Rock and Roll songs have such a strong affinity which they create which I not see in today's music. I believe this is what many say even about the Indian music of today, it doesn't just have that 'extra bit' in it to make it remembered as are the songs of the past.

Maybe this is also a form of generation gap as I see my brother enjoying a very different kind of music as opposed to what I enjoy. He does try to get me also interested in the same and I try to get him hooked onto the old time classics. I like the songs at times, like Akon ( which got me hooked to ) !

He likes them but would nevertheless prefer his own music!


  1. Agree with you totally...the list in the image here has some of my fav songs like Dire Straits "Money for nothing, "Smoke on the water" by Deep Purple, etc.

    Same here, I just can't identify myself with Hip-hop, rap, boys bands etc...although once in a while I can listen to a couple of 'em.

  2. True! But then, I feel that even the good rock n roll bands have a bad evening once in a while when they come up with something less than their best. Maybe they have many more good evenings than bad ones that the occasional poor song doesnt hurt their fan following


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