April 1, 2008

1st April

There are some days when you get up and feel that today is not going to the best of days. Things which are very small irk and then somehow you tend to feel that today everyone decides to also be on their worse behavior.

Worse still is that I do not tend to say anything to ask those to stop (who are irritating me) and then that process goes on (irritation) till the point that I reach the pinnacle where there is no more I can take (usually this happens around evening), following which I have a showdown with whoever happens to be in the vicinity (for no fault of theirs).

I so wish that I am able to speak out and tell people that “I am irritated, please do not push me over the cliff!” Alas, that has never happened till now. And I wonder whether that will happen either. I always try to portray a very high level of patience and then end with very dire results.

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