April 14, 2008

Jaguar: Luxury, Style and Performance

" India is home to the largest English speaking population as of the day. “ says the TIME

When I read this statement I was slightly confused, but then I believe, even if there are many countries which are purely English speaking, none are as big as us!

Anyhow what got me to this statement above has got nothing to do with India as such, just the simple fact that I was looking out for the updates status of the Tata Motors buying of Jaguar and Land Rover. I was surprised to see that there were some very strong changes in the view point of the buy. Initially, I believe a month back, there were statements from Ford that the image of Jaguar would drop with Tata Motors (Indian company) being the owner. But on the contrary I was reading that Britain is happy with this buy, as they believe, an Indian company would know how to run the originally British Company much better than what the Americans have bee doing in the past years. As they say, they have been merely trying to cash in on the already existing name of the Jaguar and Land Rover; the British hope that Indians would certainly be able to do a better job with the Jag.

Jaguars have been, for almost eras viewed as the symbol of class and luxury. Their unique blend of style, performance and luxury especially in the price range is what makes these cars the valued cars worth the every penny. They started with the Sports car tag and have moved into very different lines and maybe with the oncoming of India into the picture we might see many more of these beautiful cars on Indian roads.


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  3. Jags have always been my favorite sports car.
    I am surprised about the English speaking thing, too. Especially being in the states, but, now that I think about it, fewer people here speak English. We have immigrants from all over the world that keep their native language.

  4. Rayne: I understand what you mean, here almost everyone understands English words and what you are trying to say, even though their English might be grammatically incorrect of broken.


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