April 24, 2008

Accept Vs Change

“Everything in life changes you in someway, and if you do not accept these changes you are not accepting yourself.”

This is something which I read recently on PS’ Blog and it struck me so hard. I feel everyday I try to fight to change something in me or around me. I do not remain satisfied with what is around me, and moreover what I am. But, if I am satisfied, then from where does come the realization and need to grow, be it something which one is not, or even have a vision.

As this says, what if we accept all changes and move with the flow in the belief that we have but a few days to live and we should live it the present way, rather than fighting to change those days to what they may be. This something might be our dreams and wishes too.

Do we accept changes or fight them to make them the way it will be suitable to us? I believe I am thoroughly confused now.

On the contrary, you also tend to lose the smaller things in life, which never come back just because we are so involved in changing so many things or worse still, trying to change so many things.

I think maybe the idea of ' a peace and happy life' lies with the idea that we should know what to accept, how much to accept and when to sit back and enjoy things. How easy said!! I myself am thinking,!!

This surely is the reality and on thinking, I feel this is what many of us anyhow put to practice as we being rational individuals do not tend to overdo the fight nor do we go ahead with easy acceptance. Or do we?


  1. Aathira, I think its important to live each day as it comes. Sometimes circumstances may want to change you for the worst and that is something you shud avoid. So it does not mean that you have to accept all the changes in your life to be more accepting of yourself.

    I'd rather be "myself" throughout the turbulence of living this life than change...

  2. I feel things should happen, be it good or bad,or else life is so boring,experiences teach us lessons, which totally moulds our personality!!!!!It is better to accept reality rather than living in denial, which a bunch of us generally do.

  3. Recently I've shifted houses, and I so miss my new place and surroundings, think this is calling for an acceptance and adjustment to change :)

  4. Ever since my diagnoses I have fought the changes in my life. I felt that if I didn't fight I was giving up. It was only recently that I learned I could still fight the disease but work with the changes and in doing so life a fuller and happier life.


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