April 19, 2008

A Picture

I think this is positively the best picture which I have got of Whisky. Maybe this can also be attributed to the fact that she totally refuses to be still in most cases, as seen here unless she is fast asleep.

Note: Here too, she is on the Bean Bag which she has very easily conquered !! :(


  1. look at whisky's face....She seems so calm totally enjoying her restful sleep!!!!!

  2. She looks so peaceful and happy.

  3. aww she's so cute. How's she doing?
    I completely understand. Trying to photograph cats is one of the most frustrating things.

  4. Tabitha: I know... this was post her treat (Whiskas Turkey) guess she must have been totally stuffed!

    Rayne: :)

    Devil mood: She is doing so much better now, she tries to jump a little and succeeds most of the times :)


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