April 5, 2008

Murder at 3:09 AM

I have sometimes wondered what would totally scare me the most, and what would that be which as people say can give you a heart attack. The answer which I have come up with following yesterday night’s events is “Cockroaches”!! They do certainly scare me the most.

Yesterday night I woke up with a start when I realized that some flying insect had just landing on my arm. And the moment I woke up, somehow I had a feeling within that this was not an insect and it was a cockroach which had landed on my arm. I almost shrieked and flung my hands sideways to get rid of it, and the moment I saw it land on the floor ( after i switched on the mobile phone for a streak of light), I knew that it was a cockroach, all right! I ran for the insect killer and by that time, the cockroach had further started to fly around the room. (The most I hate being the flying cockroaches!) I think my room would be still smelling of the spray which I used to kill it eventually after running behind it (at a safe 1 m distance though) for a period of close to 10 minutes!

Even though I did succeed eventually, I still was unable to sleep to well knowing within that I just had a cockroach sitting on my arm!


  1. Mine would be snakes... We once had a snake in our house and I was seriously scared beyond wits.. Yep...almost had a heart attack that day!!

  2. I agree too ritu, but then I guess my fear with a cockroach being able to fly right at you can never beat my fear of snakes!


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