September 30, 2011

Itasveer: Not a stickler for quality

When Itasveer came about, the concept was new and being fresh out of college, memories was one thing I wanted to live by. This website allowed me to get some momentos done, photos printed to keep and such. That was way back in 2008. The first product I had got done from them, was the two-tone mug, and this was my gift to two of my best friends, and I must say this mug was of amazing quality. The mug looks as good as new even today. 

Recently, 5 months back, I ordered another Classic White Mug as a birthday gift for B, and it was delivered promptly, but being in use for just these 3 months, the print has started to peel off, and I could see in fact very quickly, that the print was not really onto the surface, but a thin film which is pasted onto the surface of the mug. This can certainly be expected to peel off when washed and used. 

In fact just 2 months back, we did order another classic mug, and that too is in the same state as of now. I am very disappointed with the kind of products which are being sold. I was under the impression that they did have a good product range and quality and time were of utmost importance. But, now I see that time is what they adhere to, but the quality is not that great. 

I am not sure whether it is because the Classic Mug is different from the Two - tone one, but even then, why sell a product which will not even last 2 months, and that too something like a coffee mug, which has the potential to be used every single day!


  1. This is super fuckery >:<
    I would kill someone for this. I gifted my husband *the best husband mug* and its handle broke, but oh well, I can not complain the manufacturers for my carelessness, can I?

    And I used to order flowers from TajOnline, once their flower delivery boy delivered flowers one day late, but they ended up delivering twice :)

    I wish W delivered online clothes...boy! I need to get back to work, writing all these lengthy comments...I am in a cribby mood today and no Iam not even PMSing :(

    Chintu Singh

  2. Happened with one of my mugs too! And that too one I had gifted someone with love :(

  3. hmmm .. I have never tried so i wont know but bad bad bad ..


  4. I guess online marketing & quality control is something very new in our markets. Customer service and quality isn't the priority at the moment.

  5. Sounds outrageous. Can't you complain??

  6. why not try snapfish?

  7. @Kiran: Usually Itasveer has good customer service, but I am shocked the quality dropped so much in a matter of few years.

    @IHM: I complained, they said please send a picture and all...after which nothing happened.

    @Reema: I did this time, and I am quite happy with their timelines, prints. Yet to try any photo products.


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