September 20, 2011

My Upma

Well.. I have been dying to have some good home-made upma.. And upma which looks like this.
I am sorry Bangaloreans...i do not like your halwa upma...this is how my grand mom used to make it...this is how my mom makes it...and this is how I love my upma :)
The veggies can be added or not...i do not mind them, but this has to be the way it looks !
Edited to add: The upma here has been sprinkled with some chutney powder..another one of my personal preferences with upma :)


  1. It's 11.44 p.m and you are making me hungry-_-

  2. Hi! very tasty.. tried at my home. We loved it with coconut and mustard sauce.

  3. Just mouthwatering...looks delicious!


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