September 6, 2011

Movie Review: Just Go with It

Starring: Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston

A very light movie which is good when you would just like to spend the evening at home, with some take-away chinese. 

He's a doc, and she the assistant. He has his affairs and she is a single mom to two wonderful kids. He wants her to pose as his ex-wife who is a tad crazy. And in return she gets to do a lot of shopping with his credit cards. The plot takes a twist when he has to take the kids to meet his new love interest, and they all concur a plan to go to Hawaii. 

There is a clear mix up of feelings, but the kids have done a beautiful show, which makes one ooh and aah. So I will not spoil the plot for you…. but just tell you that this is a decent watch, and not a boring one! 


  1. I love Adam Sandler's comedy and Aniston's quirkiness :D

  2. haven't seen this one yet. what would an alternative end be for you?

  3. @Kiran: In total agreement.... Aniston's quirkiness is what makes me watch every movie of hers.
    @Life Unordinary: I think happy endings are cliche... so I would think the best alternative is to show someone learning a lesson in life through it.. which is certainly not happening at present.

  4. i am somehow over Jen, but I may try the movie as am a sucker for romance. :D


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