September 14, 2011

Home on weekends

Obviously, with a small kid, one can not have a social life or at least not a social life to what you were used to. Though, I did think that I would be on a gradual decline of social activities through pregnancy, that was not the case. I was quite active through my pregnancy, and hence once I came back with Tee, things became so very difficult. 

You can not expect friends to come over ever weekend to your place and have take away dinner also. But, I think more than that, I feel the facilities available for a nursing mother, is moreover the reason why I am not able to have a social life. Even if I were to go to a mall and spend sometime browsing through stores, I am unable to do that as most malls do not have a nursing room. The only option is that you can go and use the ladies restroom, and feed your kid. That's not a very great feeling, and in fact I can't imagine feeding sitting in the many smelly restrooms of the malls. Some stores have nice restrooms which can be used as a make-do baby room, but not all. I think this is one thing which every builder needs to keep in mind. If they wish to cater to a wider range of customers, they really need to have a baby room, maybe a small enclosure within the ladies restroom will do too!

Anyhow, I am on a look out to how I can keep myself happy and socially active through the weekends. I think I need to start getting back to doing something creative. I have thought of starting on some crochet, but I wonder whether this is going to be a great option. Knowing that its a weekend, and I am just sitting on the couch crocheting, doesn't seem like a great weekend option. Also am thinking of getting myself enrolled in the gym close by, so that there is at least an activity which will keep me occupied, if nothing more exciting happens over the the weekends.

Any other suggestions to someone who needs to be around her baby on almost all occasions?


  1. My mum used to get a sitter for my sister... Metros have advanced enough for teens to want to babysit for cash. If you find one who loves kids, that's bonus.

    Sorry if I sound half-baked, maybe it'll help:)

  2. Nt sure I hv any, but gud luck and happy weekends :) Hugs!

  3. hmm!! can you not keep the breast milk bottled? i see people showing that in tv american tv serials at least!

    and we so suck in terms of women friendly toilets in india.... :| i think in bangalore in forum they have a feeding room in each of the ladies toilet, it may help to hunt down malls/showrooms which have that kind of facility...

    apologies if i am talking nonsense, i did not even check your location :(


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