September 28, 2011


One of the things I have decided I would be doing is de-facebooking myself. I will certainly not be going overboard and deleting account or such. I will just restrict my Facebook checking to on the mobile maybe just twice a day. I mean I have come to that kind of maniac facebooking that I am bored, so will just vile away time on Facebook rather than read the so many books which I have at hand. I have not been blogging on so many things which I want to also courtesy this social networking giant! I do not think I want to go and hand my life over to this guy. Its just not worth it. 

The one major thing which steered me towards this decision is that they have yet again changed the layout and notification stuff which is making it irritating and also way more cluttered and too many numbers on the page, for my liking. Something which I had picked up recently again after a bad stint previously was gaming. I used to love the Facebook games.. and I am a great gaming addict… hell… my blog is called Vector Gaming ! This is something which I need to stop too… I think its such a wasteful activity, and all you are trying to do is spend time which you could have else done something more useful with. Like blog! Or Read! 

Speaking of reading, I re-iterate, I have so many books piled onto my to-read list and in fact have three books sitting right at home, waiting to be read. And knowing me, I know that its just a matter of getting these books into my hand, and getting engrossed in it. Like yesterday, I happened to be up reading till 1 am… and thats just because, I knew I was getting interested in the book, and the plot was really something one would ponder over after reading a few pages. 

The book that had me immersed at 1 am? Escape by Manjula Padmanabhan. Have you read it?


  1. Dear, dahling! same emotions, sentiments and feelings here about facebook fuckery. The guys have totally gone overboard and are self-ob to the core.

    And can you please increase the font on the blog, it's stressing my eyes...

    my eyes, my eyes, my eyes :D ok, i stop :D

    Chintu Singh

  2. roljobs???

    I can understand your situation btw. :)

  3. @Chintu: Font to be increased from the next post on....
    @Makk: roljobs???

  4. Hmm I am so not liking what FB folks r dng at all!

    Hv nt read that book ... lemme go check out!

  5. Social media explosion is truly taking over our lives. Glad you decided to go easy on facebook. Nothing like spending quality time with books :) I have a long list of must-reads as well!

  6. I use facebook only to post pics and play scrabble/farmville. twitter had been more addicting for me but now that has also taken a backseat.


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