October 17, 2011

The Paan Waala

There is something about entrepreneurship which surely does feel good. And, saying that, I also know that it is not everyones' cup of tea. There are some who find it very difficult to break away from the norm and step up or out to the world unknown to them. And on the other hand, there are some who are more than willing to explore and venture into completely unknown territories just for the kick! 

This grit and fun is one of the many things which I love in B. How did I start writing all this? 

Well, yesterday, B happened to help a Paan waala who has his own small place, which B visits ever so often, to get a new deal and set a new shop in a much better and profitable location. There is a new pub which has opened up a few hundred metres away and that was close to a busy junction, which ensured better traffic and sales. B happened to casually ask the Paan waala why he was not interested in that location as it is very evident that it would be more profitable. The Paan waala was certainly interested, but did not know how to go about it, or whom to go and meet as the pub was just about to open. B made a few calls, and found out from some friends who is the owner, and went promptly along with the Paan waala to meet the owner. He spoke with the owner at length explaining the benefit of having a paan shop outside his pub, and also vouched for the quality of the paan. The owner not only understood that it was a good proposition, but he also agreed on a reasonable amount as deposit and rent to run the Paan shop just at the entrance to the pub. 

When B came back and narrated to me this incident, I was just awed. It was not because of his idea, but that he went ahead and spoke on behalf of the Paan wala and actually went through it the whole way. He not only took the effort to get in touch with the owner, but he also went along with the Paan waala and spoke on his behalf. This is a quality which I know I do not have, and immensely look up to in him. He did not think that this is too lowly a matter to interfere in, nor did he think what would the owner of the pub might think of him if he takes such a matter to him. His only thoughts were that it is a worthwhile venture, and something which might do good for the Paan waala. 

I would not have taken it up on me to go ahead and talk to a third person about a business opportunity for someone else. I would have had so many apprehensions, and felt I, as a person should not interfere in anothers' matters. I would not be the kind to go out of my way to help someone as in this case. I might have found out the name of the owner and given that piece of information to the Paan waala, but going with him and helping him in acquiring the deal is just not something I see myself doing. 

What would you have done?

Image Source: http://epaper.timesofindia.com/Repository/getimage.dll?path=MMIR/2007/05/04/12/Img/Pc0120500.jpg


  1. I may have, but with hesitation...salute to your man :) The paanwala must be happy to get the opportunity :)

  2. Nobody does that kinda thing anymore. Nobody.
    So that makes your B awesome for caring that much.

  3. Nice initiative to help Pan wala increase his sales! Now a days who does somethin like that!
    And nice strategy and negotiating skill! May I ask who's 'B'?

  4. Hats off to B !!! Only he can a far way to help without any hesitation..

  5. Give B a pat on the back from me .. will ya ?

  6. WOw.. Kudos to B.. well done to him.
    I hope the paan walla is thankful too and does not forget this soon..


  7. kudos to B!! such a helpful person!


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