June 10, 2009

Revolutionary Road - Movie

The movie gave me the creeps!

Why is it so important to do things as per what is expected of us? Why can not it be more to what we wish? Isn't life too short to be living it not through your mind? Isn't life just once to live as you please?

All these questions came to my mind when I was watching this movie, and I felt so sorry for someone being stubbed to wanting to have exactly what everyone wishes to do, but is too scared to be doing. So many despise their jobs, but who does anything about it? It is very difficult to take a step towards your goal with a path undefined. It is that very mysterious nature of these goals I believe, which draws us to them.

What I saw in this movie was the perfect portrayal of the conventional role plays which are assigned to a man and woman in a house. A slight suggestion of a role reversal is seen as 'unrealistic' or 'childish' or 'immature' .

Another detail which came out to me was how the woman was still alive, her dreams breathing with her zest for life. She did not lose herself in her role plays and she tries her best to set a path before her to move her dreams forward. And the sad part, how her dreams are given no importance and of they are, it is a farce. Her dreams have been thought of, to accomodate so many blocks into a perfect square, but all a waste.

When you see what you want, but you are refused the right to live it the way you dream of, then what do you do? What options do you have?


  1. hugsssss aathira!

    i've seen this one....i think i wasn't quiet prepared to see my reality jump up so suddenly thru it....i disliked it for that. for making me face and realise that is exactly how trapped i feel at times...

    its an amazing movie and u have pin pointed the conflicts so well.

    even today, a role reversal is considered as a sissy decision n attarct so many judgements.

    but aathira, must to keep fighting, for what u want. and surely one day, u will see what u want n will have every right n support u need. when u have ppl who truly love u around u, they will join ur fight to live as u wish to!

    till then! hugsssssssssssss luvya! :)

  2. I wasn't exactly creeped out but it did depress me for a few days. Because this is something that is so common - one sees it around in families and marriages all the time - this pressure to stick to defined roles/ responsibilities/ life paths. It's positively stifling...

  3. Hi Aathira,
    Yes there have been a lot of movies about following your heart.But this was a painting. A painting which showed
    i) The man's ambition to rule the company where his dad struggled
    ii)His heart torn between his aspiration and his hearts love to do hat he wants
    iii)The lady who knows her husbands innermost wishes and wants him to pursue what he loves and not what he wants

    An intricately intervowen tale superbly protrayed by Leo and Kate.
    One of the best movies I must say.

    But life is like that isn't it. "Two roads diverged in a wood and I took the one less travelled by and thats made all the diiference" -> But like Life is like Love.Rarely happens the way you want I guess :) !!!

  4. heard so much abt the movie..yet to watch it.


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