June 16, 2009


When you do not have anything to do the whole day, and end up just spending time doing stuff around the house, then you look forward to someone coming back to the house at the end of the day. You look to sitting with someone and maybe just watch TV... chit chat a little and then retire. But what about the time when you are spending alone, you should make that a constructive time too. I completely agree with this, but then unless your mind is at peace with the situation then alone can you make the most quietest of moments constructive in nature.

I know that deep within, my mind is not at peace with all the happenings. This is not the way I planned for things and they have juggled themselves to fit into place. I need to adjust and I am being worse than a kid going to the play school for the first time.

I ask myself, is it because of the uselessness that I feel or is it the change has not settled in as yet? I want to start doing some classes.. painting is something which I want to pick up again, and it has been a long time since I did that the last time.. I believe 4 years back is when I did something worth appreciating. I know I want to do these things, but I do not want to do them alone. I need people around me. I am not sure whether that is a mistake, but I love being with some people and I do not know anyone free and keen on doing something together.

At times I wonder, am I just so good at complaining? Do I complain so much that it might just drive someone up the wall?

Maybe I do.


  1. Come on you don't complain that much... Change is always tough to consume... And its about time when you start thinking what exactly you wanna do in life...

    And come on you're a strong gal!!! Am there... :) Stay Smiling!

  2. oh yes you are complaining..mey be we will give a different name..you are venting out your feelings..

    hey there is nothing wrong in trying to get things your way..at the same time, accept things if it does not goes your way....easier said then done..

  3. Aathira, These thoughts and fears are all normal esp. around this time. All gearing up for wedding. :)

  4. have you quit your job? is that why you're alone?

    i'm the sort of person who enjoys being alone in the morning and that's it. after that alone does get lonely and i want to be around people i'm comfortable with. so i can relate to what you're saying. it's a natural desire, not complaining!

    anyway, i hope you can find a good balance of enjoying your alone time and at the same time be around people if possible... activities are a good way to fill up your time. good luck!

  5. sometimes when ur walking down a new path, u want company for part of that way. maybe thats what ur feeling right now. as the changes fit themselves in ur life, u might just want someone to walk with for a bit. till all the noise in ur head settles down, u might just want some company.

  6. Yes you crib!

    But why not! You are obviously not used to sitting at home idle... who is! Conversation is the key. Social creatures you and I. The lack of it, has its toll.

    Talk, chat ... blog ...

    Remember existentialism?! You ARE the center of the universe. So just do anything you want. Do it for some time. Burn out ... beyond it, is peace [ maybe :) ]

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  9. :) .. was this after or before my msg ? Priyam

  10. {{{{{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}}}}

    u tc n be the glowing gorgeous bride!!!

    hll, if it takes a bit of venting in process, so be it!



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