June 9, 2009

Loving you

Be it the day
Be it the night
Amongst what we do
And what we might

The usual What Ifs
And intermittent tiffs
Many things said
Far more unsaid

Walking, talking
Shopping and driving
Those cascading days of work
The vacations fun and beserk

I am not good at wooing
Nor am I at gifting
I pick up many things
But all seem to be useless nothings

Here I stand
With something in hand

True two words
Snug like love birds

Love you


  1. awww Aathira! i love lil verses n this one is totally awwwnesss!

    did the person who inspired read it yet?? did he fall off his chair???

    how many hugs did u get???

    here are some from me!

  2. Hi Aathira,
    Good one.
    The gift however small it may be assumes beautiful proportions when given and more importantly ACCEPTED with love.

    Mine had to be stashed away in a corner :(

  3. Reema: Oops... didn't catch that typo earlier.


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