June 2, 2009

Lady loves

Monika tagged me to list out the 5 women I would have had a crush on, if I were a guy...

So here goes the list. The list is in not in order of favourites, but solely on the basis of when I got a picture of them, that I liked, from the internet.

1. Angelina Jolie - No introductions required I guess

2. Lisa Ray - She is one person I have found pretty from the time of Afreen Afreen .. there is just something about her face...

3. Bipasha Basu - I have liked her in almost any look she has sported. I have liked her for the sporty image and not many liked her cropped hair... but I think it looks fab.

4. Julia Roberts - I am an all time Julia Roberts fan.. I have watched Pretty Woman I think around 20 times... the last being yestrday night at 9 pm.

5. Tabu - You can say she got it through lineage, but, I have not missed a single movie of hers either... (first being the lady above)


  1. I like Tabu too! And of course Julia.

  2. Just finished the same tag. Tabu is a fav. from the list.

  3. loved ur list

    we have 3 common :)

  4. I dont know who i will choose , but these will not be in my list....i still dont understand why jolie is the fav for most...

  5. Solilo: Tabu is like an evergreen actress ... something like her aunt!

    Sunder: I guess Jolie does have the looks and then the whole putting her money to some world cause like children and AIDS does strike a cord with many I guess...


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