March 19, 2009

Visiting Home

Every time I go home, and its time to head back,

Every time Amma asks me to stay for some more time,

Every time I sit in a flight and watch the coconut trees becoming smaller and smaller,

I have tears swelling up in my eyes!

PS: I have just been home for a good 5 days and I just did not want to come back so quickly!


  1. I know what you mean. Everytime I leave for home, I miss what I leave behin. When I am coming back from home, I miss my home that I leave behind. Leaving something behind is always harder.

  2. how i miss kerala :(

    cheer up aathira, you could go back soon.

  3. I went home after 2 years. It was intense too, so I know what you mean!

  4. Aathira, So that's where you were? On vacation.

    I know the feeling. Tears rolling down the cheeks as the flight takes off. :(

  5. :) I can understand.... :) no one wants to Kerala... for the grind of day to day life... :)

  6. Awww I can so imagine!

    And this was a really short break!

  7. awwwww.....HUGS!!!
    if u're in livin in mumbai, i'm coming right over with some keralite dishes by my mum!! (me a keralite too)
    and some kitty treats for whisky!
    cheer up girl!! :)

  8. Poonam: So hard! And worse when you are just visiting for few days!

    Sawan: I am hoping that I will go back soon too! More than Kerala, its the visiting parents bit!

    final_transit: two years!!!OMG!

    Solilo: I was feeling so stupid to be crying in a flight at 25 years!

    Ordinary Guy: So did not wanna come back to office!

    IHM: Extremely minute!

    craftyshines: Me in Bangalore! I got jackfruit chips from home, and have been hogging on them for the past two days!

  9. Crying is not stupid per se..i think even at 50 you will cry for the same reason...and it is quite natural...

  10. sawan: I do not think I will be going then, its on a Tuesday!

    Sunder: True :)

  11. I so identify with what you've said.. I just got back after a 7 week vacation and felt just as bad.. Leaving parents is getting more and more difficult with each passing year...

  12. That is tough! My parents just left Florida & I won't see them for about 5 mom always starts tearing up & then gets me started.

  13. Plan more vacations!! TC

    Keep Blogging!

  14. Smitha: I second that! :(

    Ms.Florida: I know.. my mom too! :(

    Biju: I am in the process of going somewhere. Need a break from office work!


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