March 31, 2009

Fitness Fervor

After many failed attempts when Roop came up with the plan that we need to have a group to motivate, and ensure we all stick to our plans, I was 'Oh so happy'. Then slowly started to dawn that its going to be a hell lot of hard work!

The name we ended up coming up with Fitness Fervor, all fitness and nothing else. I think its wonderful initiative, all the members have so many ideas, tried and tested ones and also some which we come across else. The plans and efforts everyone is making shows that there are so many folks in the same boat, and their dedication and efforts only pushes me towards the goal that I shall be setting for myself every week.

There will be a weekly goal, diet restrictions which are to be followed ( as per what suits/does not suit each person). We set a goal, then review it next week, and alter and reset for the new week. I think its a wonderful plan! I am so looking forward to doing this correct this time around! We shall be counting calories, and watching the burning calories too. I shall be doing that at The Daily Plate. All in all, we see what everyone is doing, and going on to achieve which makes the fighting spirit real strong. And as Roop says, there is also going to be public humiliation if you detrack! *Yikes!

Tomorrow is my first day up from the bed at 7 AM and hitting the gym after a long 2-3 month break and infinite fat being loaded on me! I started with my diet watch program yesterday. I have done this before too, so initially you tend to have the rumbling stomach, but after 2-3 days, your body just starts to adjust and realize the deal involved!

I need to do this! I am too young to be unfit!


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  2. aye aye captain... me is too young to be unfit too! i'm sick of seeing my college tees in the corner of my cupboard.
    over last 2 yrs, i picked up cute apparel that need me to lose a couple of inches to fit into. am calling it the ambitious pile...

    lets get fit sista!!!!! :D

  3. Comeon, 'round' is also a shape. Now where's my beer... ;-)

  4. I'm still trying to figure out if I'm supposed to post or not.... slowwww me... but it's a great plan.

  5. theperfectlady: when in doubt, always post!

    I have started a different program too! Its called two hundred sit ups! Kinda over the enthusiastic level right now, but nevertheless, lets see what comes of it.


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