March 8, 2009


My first attempt at making a Dhokla (was quite happy with the result)

Spicy Macroni with cheese: Thats  something which I make quite often, and thought I should take a pic (as an after-thought, after I had started eating it!)

There is Your Highness, on her royal couch!

For the women, by the women, of the women! 

Happy Women's Day!


  1. same to u!! love to her highness!

  2. Wow some1's been cooking some nice stuff...Ur catty is al grown up...awwwwww :)

  3. Happy Women's Day! You shouldn't be cooking, but being served by various man-servers. ahaha Kidding ;)

  4. HWD!!! i know i've said this before, but i can't seem to say enough of it - I LOVE Whisky!! she's the cutesth tweetest adolable kitty kat evel!!! :D

  5. u see thats the problem with food photography...u want to eat the food more terribly than u want to click it!
    loved the Highness on her thrown...:D

  6. I am late but still Happy Women's Day, Aathira!

    Whiskey is a cutie.

    I make Dhokla too and love it. Is it Khaman?

  7. omg that looks sooooo tempting, lil gurl!!!

    and Whiskey rocks! although im a dog lover. ;p

  8. wut does dhokla mean?

    and happy holi :)

  9. Reema: Love from her highness

    Tabitha: She is 1.5 years! Quite grown up now.

    Devil Mood: Ha ha... I had a nice dinner outside :)

    craftyshines: Aww.... thank you...

    churningthewordmill: Completely agree! It is so so difficult to click food photographs!

    Solilo: Yup.. Khaman

    Roop: It was very yum!

    Sawan: Dhokla is a steamed gram dal and sooji mixed dish garnished with chillies and sugar.

  10. looks yummy!! but chilly and sugar? seems like a rare combination!! why am i hungry now?? :(

  11. oh your spicy macaroni cheese looks good!! what's dhokla? looks like cheesecake or cheese...

  12. Sulz: Dhokla is a steamed dish made from gram flour and semolina garnished with chillies and sugar. It is soft like cheese cake and eaten as a snack or breakfast dish.

  13. :) Happy women's day to all the women (and also some men who like to celebrate it)!


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