March 31, 2009

Kakkabe - Amongst the clouds

This was yet another trip planned right at the last moment, and after some thoughts on possible places, we zeroed in on Kakkabe, Coorg, Karnataka. We had two days and a night to spare, that is if we drove through the night to reach the destination by morning. We wanted to do a road trip, and also some relaxation once we reach our destination. So the plan sounded good and we managed to rope in some people too!

Why Kakkabe?
  1. It is a hill station, well actually any part of coorg would have sufficed, but this being the closest to the tallest peak in Karnataka, we choose this in the hope of maybe trekking up.
  2. It is not too far from Bangalore ( 250 kms one way)
  3. The place is quite isolated, such that not too many people know of it, and hence would be simpler to find accommodation on such short notice
  4. Heard previous reviews, good ones especially regarding the trek up for close to 8 kms.
We started at 1 am ( Yes I know, that sounds crazy!) and then went Bangalore - Mysore - Hunsur - Virajpeet - Kakkabe at 6:30 am. Also I must add, we had an excellent person driving us through the night. Someone who loves to drive and also drove quite fast! 

On reaching, we had to look around a bit for the accommodation, and we did manage a room finally at Palace Estate. Slept all through the day and decided to see the place around when it was post sunset. That should explain the very few pictures which were clicked. We went to see the Nalnand Palace, which was the Summer Palace for the King of Coorg during the olden days. The interior is still very neat and the watchman told us that a large part of the wall paintings were spoilt by film crew who re did the paintings to give a more realistic look. There are some parts which are till date the age old paintings. The palace has been handed over to the Archaeological Department of India the year before last.

Once we reached back to the Palace Estate, we were just in time for dinner, and the food was amazing, and to kill for practically. They had typical Coorgi food, as is the case with most home stays, and they were very cordial so that made the atmosphere way more relaxed. All in all, I think they made sure that their guests relaxed and were able to absorb the serenity and beauty of the place. 

The next morning was beautiful, sunny and bright. Had a heavy breakfast and started off from there around 11 AM. Looking back, it does look like we just merely slept and ate, right? Anyhow, was relaxing for sure!

Following are a few pictures.


  1. I haven't heard of this place although I have been to Coorg. Sounds like a place to keep in mind!

  2. aathira, seems like you had a wonderful time.. i need a vacation tooooo :(

  3. waited for few days till the jealousy died down a bit. two words

    lucky u


  4. This seems so serene and beautiful.

    Aathira, you holiday at some of the best places in India. Last time you mentioned the place where Protima's Bedi's dance school is situtated.

    The pictures are so inviting.

  5. Its a beautiful place, and quite unheard off, except for the peak (Tadiyanmol). The place is a heaven to relax in.

    And Coorgi food is yumm, and home cooked makes it even better.


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