March 11, 2009

An excellent source of Bio diesel

I have left coffee overnight at the office desk to come back the next day to find the film of oil on the surface. But, me being no great researcher, never bothered to find out if that can be put to any use.

Here is a researcher and his students at University of Nevada at Reno who took up this simple observation and have given the world a recycling methodology to help everyone in this era of fuel crisis.

Read about the Bio diesel produced from Coffee


  1. I did not know that... :)
    Thanks for letting me know about this...
    A coffee a day can save the world... :)

  2. interesting stuff..i know of jatropha being used as a biofuel..biodiesel to be exact..but this is new stuff for me.

  3. see i contribute already to fuel generation!! i don't consume coffee. so more to produce fuel :p ./..

  4. Oh! I remember one time I heated Coffee in a waxed cup and then drank without looking into the cup only to have my mouth filled with paper wax and when looked oily substance.

    Didn't know about this. Useful info.

  5. Ordinary Guy: Exactly my thought too :)

    churningthewordmill: Was completely new to me also!

    Roop: I think they need to process the beans anyways as they do for coffee. So here, coffee is more like a by product !;)

    Solilo: Mouth filled with paper wax??? OMG!

  6. Busy with interior decor? :)

  7. Solilo: Was visiting my parents, just got back to start with the interior decor ! :)


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