November 28, 2008

Worrying times

There comes times in my life when I think as to why I end up not doing anything in my life but on the contrary I see that there are so many around me who do have the time to do all what is so perfect looking to me.

Maybe in most cases when I would get down to doing this, they might not seem to perfect as they seem now. Nevertheless I feel at times that I am not happy simply because there is a drag to life, the day in and out things which happen, with not a tinge of difference ever. Whenever I come across any of my friends, I hear stories of where they have been recently, how they did something which they very much wanted to do. And all this only makes me wonder ever more, why is it that I do not ever do anything.

I have tried to not make people influence my life so much and have a hold on what I want to do and how I wish to do it. As I think of this, I remember that I have wanted to go to the Technology Museum which is there in Bangalore, to see what-so-ever it has to offer. Any museum should be a good few hours.

As I write this entry, I wonder, how parents go about with the normality of life, with no changes. They take a holiday only once a year and the rest of the days as far as I remember are never too different. They might have an occasional meal outside, or maybe decide to go to the beach for a barbeque every quarter, but then else it is all quiet. Is it that they have been accustomed to this kind of life or maybe they have given up trying to overcome the monotony!

Once I am done thinking of all the monotony in the world, here comes the Mumbai attacks, and there is nothing worse that can happen to ever to change the face of normalcy in anyone's lives. People who can come on a holiday and on quick business visits have not lived to see the light of day. How do you even take a holiday now? What will happen if your holiday destinations are not safe anymore.? Mumbai was not ever on the be-careful list, but things don't seem to be happening as per any lists. Where have we seen a terrorist asking for UK/US passport holders to be potential hostages? Things are changing, or else they see that the Indian government doesn't seem to have much value for their citizens lives. They might have thought that if we get the rich and more over the rich foreigners, the embassies and the whole world will be roped in with the least effort from their side. And what better place to find the world rich list than at the 5 stars of the financial capital of India.

Now its all a question of wait and watch. Amen.

Something which I have decided to is that I am also going to start (trying) to maintain a daily photo blog. I will also start this blog only once I have a few snaps which I believe are worth putting up. I also need to come up with a good name for the blog too :). Now that I think about it, maybe there will be quite a few cat photos there, but then that is exactly what I wish to have, an album on the web.

Am also thinking blogger or wordpress for this photo blog? Any comments why one might be better than the other?


  1. Hi Aathira,
    Glad that you and your family are safe. Can't say much about the affected people in Mumbai. Extremely sadden at the whole situation.

    It makes one wonders about how we live our lives. How much we tend to underestimate, value and take our life for granted. I do sometimes think that I could do more in my daily life, instead of maintaining a bored routine lifestyle. But now, I am motivated and empowered to live life for the moment and not ponder on how to live it. I don't wish to loose every precious second thinking how I wished, rather i am living at the very moment itself.

    I think a photoblog is a great idea. In fact, I was thinking of starting one myself a few months ago. But been holding down for long now due to my hectic MBA schedule. Why not try Wordpress for a change? In fact, I would be switching to Wordpress as soon as my website is up in near future.

  2. I think u should opt for wordpress for both this and the photo blog.

  3. The other side is always green..anything becomes a routine after sometime..

    As far your parents life...that was the norm of that generation..

    I am just reading this book..success vs joy by geet sethi..i feel you will answers to ur query there..

  4. i am going through that rut right now! i hate it and i want to stop feeling like that. has a theme suitable for photo blogs, which i thought is really nice. you should check it out.

  5. i find myself in the same quandry all the time... everybody else seems to be so caught on... while i am just sticking around...:(

  6. Kiran: I am planning to start my Photo Blog after my vacation, like a new year thing :)

    Reema: WP it is for the photo blog!

    Sunder: I shall try to get my hands on that book!

    Sulz: Thanks so much for the info that WP has a photoblog theme :) That would be lovely!

    Swayam: My fingers crossed for better times from 2009 for both of us!


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