November 12, 2008

* Splash *

I have added far too many kilos onto my frame to be anymore acceptable. I have said this statement too so many times that I do not even remember! But here again I say this and I hope to do something about it.

I thought of joining the gym, in fact I did also for a period of two months. It was so stressful to go and make yourself all sweaty and disgusting. Most gyms I hate also due to the mirrors which they have strewn all around, which just draw attention to your amazingly imperfect body. Why do they wish to torment people? I know some people who walk into the gym only do so to be building up their body, but there are many like me who will only walk in for a tearing down!

The jogging track is another option and I have jogged down this too. It was a tormenting experience when people who are twice your age end up whizzing past you, when all you are trying is to capture all the oxygen available! It is very disturbing to know that you have been doing nothing but sleeping in your warm and snug blanket when so many people have been jogging away and now they are all so much better than what you will be. Secretly I also think its coz I hate running/ jogging myself. I can play a game, do hiking, trekking and other stuff, but jogging seems like a waste of time (No Offence to all the joggers of the world).

So after trying various ways to shed some sitting on my ass weight, I decided that I shall go back to good old swimming. There are so many reasons to love this form of exercise, no mirrors; hardly anyone gets to see you, no sweaty and stinky person at the end of it. I have been having some minor issues with tanning but then I guess I am ready to give a wee bit of colour to regain an identifiable shape.



  1. Ahh! I have to start exercising too :(

  2. Better to have a treadmill at you can do at your own time and space..walking outside, we dont get the same heart rate when we do in treadmill..

    If the only objective is to lose weight, take less calories in a day than you burn..easier said then done..

    shortcut..their are some straps available inmarket which you can wear in your is safe..itis just contraction of the muscle..

    too many advice..

    - by the way came thorugh PS blog where you have mentioned that thinking of getting one more cat after seeing r comment..i am r..

  3. Hi Sunder

    Treadmill I think is too much of an investment and I know I would never think of getting up to run.

    I am wondering how effective these slimming belts are???

  4. exercise??

    I think about it, plan about it, keep my sneakers ready for it, keep the alarm to get up.. but when the time comes.. switch it off and go back to sleep.

    All the best :)

  5. Provided one uses , you are sure to reap the benefits against what you spend. There is always a resale value too after you use for sometime. You can walk in treadmill, not necessarily run...i also thought that i can never use treadmill...but my wife bought for i am addicted to it...

    plus it is good for cardio..

    flexibility , even if i come home at 9 pm i can still do it..

    one more advantage in exercise is, your metabolism rate even if you eat the same, conversion of fat will be less..

    yes i find treadmill basic level is very costly we cud get it for 20K..if you can afford, worth buying it..

    slimming belts are effective based on the exp of my friend. it just stimulates to contract the can use even when you are at work..women who are trying to concieve should not use..

  6. getting up- well you can do at nights..only problem you could face is getting sleep immediately, since you feel fresh..

  7. Hi Aathira!
    Nice to discover your blog and there are so many interesting things to read here :) To begin with, I offer to trade some extra kilos that you have :P

  8. Lijy Thanks for the luck... I will let you know how the early mornings come along!

    Sunder Nights are near impossibility for me, I get home not before 9 and then if I dont get my beauty sleep! Hate to think of it :D

    Final Transit Any day! Please take all the extra kilos!

  9. haha, word about exercising and feeling sweaty! the only physical form of activity i enjoy doing was ice-skating. sadly, none of my friends do it so i don't - it's a bit strange to be skating by myself in a rink, i think.

    oh, i forgot, another physical activity i enjoy doing is shopping! :P now, if only i have more money for it... :D


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