November 23, 2008

Social World

Today I found out that a girl who has lived a few doors away from me in hostel has now taken up as the City Director for Mumbai with Teach India, this article here, talks about the work and what motivated her to move into this direction from McKinsey & Co.

I have thought of doing so many things with maybe an environment  organization, or with the Animal Protection group. Somehow, things have never been that simple, and they seem to always be some deterent in the path. Deep insise, I believe that maybe I have never really tried enough. 

An interesting thought which popped into my head is, are you fine being the one who is the non earner and just taking care of the social responsibility of the family? I am sure that many couples have just one partner working, and it works out perfectly fine, but what if what your need to contribute is something more, to actively contribute to the family. 

I am not sure how I will be handling this, but yes I do have plans to do something worthwhile in this life!

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  1. Too quick to comment..yes we should live in deeds and not in years...

    Yes as you have put it , it is very difficult to take a career which does not give us any return..I feel at the end of the day, we should try to do what we love to do..easier said than done..

    have you heard the story of how banyan- orgn for women who are left on the road ( based in chennai) started..two college going students one day saw a mentally retarded women on the road in clumsy day they started the orgn and from then their life is that orgn..


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