November 19, 2008

Driving Update

Driving on the road is nothing like driving in small side lanes, which is what all novice drivers usually end up starting on. The main difference being that no one decides to stick to their lane when it comes to the open, and the ever so many two wheelers which seem to keep popping up from all various junctions are plain and simple PAINFUL!

More than the driving tension, I feel the tension and the fear build up when the person sitting at the passenger seat start to yell and scream. Not yelling and screaming with next to do steps, but plain ‘Why don’t you look to the right?’ ‘Why don’t you drive beside the divider on the road?’ ‘Why won’t you start to see things which are going to happen?’ ‘Start developing a road sense!’

I would like to ask all these screamers, why do you want the driver to listen to you and think about all these things, rather than concentrate on the road when it is clearly a distress situation? Isn’t averting the situation more important than pondering over all your important questions?

It would be so much more HELPFUL if you decided to just say ‘Calm Down, now keep the car steady and move it a little bit to the right/ left.’

In fact, if the person just screams ‘BREAK!’ that would certainly top the helpful things list !!


  1. Studies show, that most of the accidents are casued due to backseat driving... we have to just let the drivers drive..definetly nobody drives to make accident...

    well the problem you have mentioned is quite common with husbands....


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