November 26, 2008

Counting to the holidays

It has been brrr cold in Bangalore and in spite of that, I have kept to my swimming regime. I have tried and I believe that my friend who accompanies me religiously every morning is what has had me going on my daily splashing runs. Whisky has been feeling real cold too and today morning she decided that its time to start using the blanket! (Some pictures are the bottom of the post).

I have made sufficient headway considering it has been a month and I have learnt the breast stroke and also the butterfly stroke. This is a great month considering that I knew just a normal everyone’s free style and also the backstroke (that too not to perfection; I have issues with direction). So anyhow this one month of swimming has been for the start of an exercise regime and also to ensure that I have one such item on my list of activities which I enjoy in my day.

I am also planning a trip to Pondicherry, have heard so much about this ex- French Colony and the beauty of the town, beaches and monuments. The Ashram is also said to be of a very old construction. This is a place which looks peaceful and a perfect spot for a few days during Christmas fever. I do hope that this works out.

Another important update (as per me), I have driven the car three times to office, obviously with someone sitting next to me to shout and scream. But then it is still what I wish to do, to ensure that I do not become a wasted driver (with a driving license and not able to drive).


  1. Hey,
    Just saw your comment in my blog..
    and yes, best of luck driving... and you should see Pondicherry...
    It is beautiful....

  2. Reema : She is just about a year and few months.

    Ajit : Fingers crossed that Pondicherry happens. All happen to lie at my friends mercy, they are not certain with a lot many details.


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