November 8, 2008

Tid bits to-do

There are so many things now which I need to catch up on, and I thought unless I write all of it down, nothing is going to happen on any one of them. Also allowing for my working Saturdays do not leave any time/day.

A. Recently I started wondering why not try my hand at some small bits of gardening, so went ahead and got some manure mixed soil, seeds and started with my first patch of seeds. Now this was more than a week back and the packing said that the seedlings will start to grow only after 7 days, so I have very conveniently not looked at them for the past 7 days, and now I am slightly worried that maybe I have gone over the day limit. So that is my top priority to do item.

B. I also need to get some reading bits done which have been pending now for over a week. I have been at this book called Fooled by Randomness and it’s an interesting view of trading and randomness in the stock market. Considering I know almost close to nothing in the stocks domain, I decided to give this book a shot.

C. House hold decorations have been another deal which I have been wishing to do, and this is one hell of a slow deal to be handling. I started painting a semi abstract piece and it is yet to see completion. Maybe once I complete I shall put up a snap of that too. I plan on getting it framed for the living room.

D. I also have a long list of movies to catch up on, I keep adding all the good names which I come across and then I never end up going ahead and seeing them! Some of the titles are: Serving Sara, Number 23, Vantage Point, Burn after reading, The sweetest thing, Stranger than fiction.

I shall also do a post on all updates which happened on all these fronts, sometime next week. ( This is the only hope that I shall be getting any of these things done this weekend!)

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