September 8, 2008

Driving: Baby Steps

Learning from one driver or the other.... would be the same thing.. that's what I used to believe initially.

But, that view has changed. When you learn to drive with someone on a singular control car, then things seem to shape up differently... you are more cautious, more scared too. But, you also seem to learn to do everything simultaneously faster. Driving schools which let you take baby steps towards the whole driving bit makes you in a way make you not adept at handling all the controls and movements together, efficiently.

I happen to have both the different mediums of instruction and it is quite confusing when one does not seem to be appreciative of the other. Though at times, more important seems to be the right method where you understand why you need to do a thing. Someone telling you to follow something as an order somehow doesn't render the same effect as knowing the possible mishaps that might happen when you will not do as prescribed. Showing the alter always seems to pose a better way of making me understand!

All in all i hope my driving classes ( all put together ) will help me be more mobile!


  1. In a world wary of Lady and Sardar drivers here's a noble soul wishin u all the best;)....

  2. As a driving instructor I try to take my learner driver's experience into account, and don't force my methods on them if they've learnt to do things differently and it is safe.

    Somethings I do have to re-teach some skills as they've been taught the wrong and unsafe method. I do agree you then to be more cautious why driving in a private car that doesn't have instructor controls.


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