September 17, 2008

Imagine the traffic and spikes

When I happened to read Seth Godin's blog, it struck a point which I have been faced with so many times, and even though I am hooked to so many completely revolutionary ideas, still I do not accept the imagination of many when they come up with ideas which are completely wacky! I wonder what people will be willing to accept and incorporate in their lives, I have been trying to get a website to show potential in the web and I think of all the few options which I have to connect with those who might find this new venture interesting.

I am sure that when orkut/facebook started, the fact that you put all pictures on the web, was not very consoling and it did at least put me in a not so comfortable a position. Now, that scenario has certainly changed, when we see the frequency with which new photographs and videos are uploaded by friends and friends of friends.

On the other hand when we see the different ventures which have not been not so successful, then I wonder what is the issue and where did they go wrong with their whacky ideas, or was it that the idea was not so whacky or original in itself? There are so many social networking sites even in India, and they spend so much on marketing and ad campaigns, in spite of which their success has not been in any comparisson to these giants. I have seen many register with the local networking sites, and they do stick on for a few months, but following which they roll back onto good old orkut/facebook! Why? Is it that there these giants had a first move advantage? Or is it that their ideas floated in at a time when none existed in these lines? Are these sites merely trying to bring in the localized approach to a concept which is intendedto break all geographical barriers ( WWW)?

I found this blog which had a complaint which I am sure many would have, especially with number of new ventures starting out with its main interest as individuals. I have seen that new websites target social bookmarking promotion and campaigns, but this tends to see only a ECG sort of graph which really does not prove any success, or does it?

There are many small peaks which might change tracks for them, or is this what they believe will kick off a change in their traffic soon.? Aren't these peaks completey complimentary to the kind of promotion the team does? If you send more scraps on orkut, the spikes are seen. What happens when you check the returning visitors with no new mails/scraps sent, then does one see a decrease in these spikes or is it a plateau of sorts where the ones who moved on to new site, do return everyday? Ideally I think to show success you should have a upward slope on your graphs even if the slope might be very small. If you do not see this slope creeping up, then are all these promotions useful?

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