September 9, 2008

Driving: Toddler Steps

I have done something this weekend, which I have never done before. But then I am sure I have so many such things which still exist, i.e the stuff that I have never done before. But this was something which I always thought I would just never do; change the tyres of a car!

I must admit that it was not as difficult as I thought it would be, though there are some specific techniques which if you do have explained to you, will certainly be a much more easier do. Apart from that, there are certainly some things which is just a sheer usage of power. If you need to tighten or undo the screws of the tyres, I believe there is nothing much one can do, other than apply all the power that you have. Well, the spanner might be of some use here certainly, but would still require quite a bit of power, especially if the previous time, the screws were tightened by someone quite strong.

I think one thing which I a yet to manage on my own is to know where to place the jack, which would involve groping under the car and figuring out which would serve as the best surface for the jack. This is quite scary as a wrong spot chosen might just end up having the car crashing down as the jack slips from under.

Once I changed the tyres, I was certainly less tense and now as even if the jack did come off, would not cause any great damage, though I know it certainly would not be appreciated! ;) One experience which was a good one, for learning the basics involved apart from just driving the car!


  1. I'm impressed!
    So you had to change the tyres as part of your driving lessons? I'm a little glad I didn't have to do that over here, but I never did change a tyre so the experience wouldn't hurt me. Well, you've made it, be glad :)

  2. Two suggestions:
    1. Go through the user manual of the car you drive/learn. It has a lot of useful stuff in there, including the info on where to place the car jack. You should be able to download a soft copy from the car manufacturer's website as well.
    2. While trying to undo the nuts of the car wheels, align the spanner on the nut horizontally and use your body weight by climbing on the spanner to loosen them up. Don't bother your hands with the initial effort needed to loosen them up.

  3. yups... I changed the tyres as part of my driving lesson :) In the beginning I didn't think this would surely happen, but then it did!

  4. Thanks for having me on ur blog roll. I have also subscribed to ur blog. I'm suprised to know that changing tyres is a part of driving lessons in Blr. Over here driving lessons means only driving.

  5. It was like the final step just before the driving test for the license


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