September 6, 2008

White white Tiger

White Tiger is a book which I picked up with no particular but solely for the author sharing his name ( the exact spelling) with my brother. (So that shows how I pick books now!) Anyhow, on starting the book you also start seeing the poverty from those who sweep our roads, clean the cars, and drive us around in taxis and auto rickshaws. It would be only too common to say that ' we do not see what happens in their homes'! This is anyhow true, but what would be more true is that we do not know what they dream to have and what they are willing to do to achieve this. The times described when innocent drivers are asked to take blame for their employers fault seems something which we might read in the news papers and here we have someone whose whole life is changed by this single event which was a very instantaneous suggestion from his employers. I bet they didn't know the repercussions that this tweaking of justice would have.

It is certainly an interesting read with insights into what the world of politics and luxury look like to many in India. Though this is not something which would leave a lasting impact of sorts.

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