May 31, 2008

Kite Runner

Recently I read the ‘Kite Runner’. I had planned on reading it so long back, when it had caused the rave in the literary circles and when I had read so many awe struck reviews in its favour, but that never did happen and now, finally almost a year late I finally got down to reading it, and I must admit that one of the books after a very long time which has made me finish the book in the least number of sittings. The story and the characters somehow do that to you I believe when you are reading a fiction. Some books have it in them, and all due respect to the author alone. The last book of the same character which I read was ‘Untouchables’ by Mulk Raj Anand. The depth of the characters and their thoughts seem to always keep them on your mind, till the stories completely unveils before you, and that is what seemingly pulls you back to the pages of the book, to know what beholds for them.

Another aspect which I realized as I was reading this book was how I did know Taliban but not the fact that Russians attacked Afghanistan which along with the US support for Russia resulted in the rise of the Taliban. How can you blame a country’s men in coming up to save their country when many just fled their country with whatever that could fit into a sack! Then, what led them to their present ways of terror and hatred such that in a few years time, the natives who stayed on in Afghanistan and who looked upon the Taliban as a saviour now looked upon them as equals to the Russians a few years back.

The various instances sited where so many try to leave the country only to be fooled by their own country men just for the few dollars to feed the hungry mouths at home. Who do you blame? Cheats or fathers?

Something similar to what you see in Untouchable where those fathers, mothers, brothers, wives are also in such a situation where their voice is not heard and rather there they are not even allowed to voice! A country at war looks savage and looks uncivilized, in fact looks like those times when we were also not where we are now. We move back in time with each step we take closer to war, as I truly doubt whether we will ever be able to prosper with war on our doorstep. War will only deter the growth and slow the process, but everything will eventually happen if not today, the day after!


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  2. It's so fantastic when books can pull you in, inside the story, the characters that get so familiar, the ending that we want to find out but without having to finish the book...and it's even greater when we learn important things about the world!
    How ironic that the US had to go and dismantle the groups that they helped to form...

  3. I liked 'The Kite Runner' too. Although the second half was a bit over-the-top (like an American-Afghan could beat a Taiban officer in Kabul & then run out of Kabul!!)... it was feel-good & enjoyable.

  4. ahhhhhhh!!!!! So finally some1 read the book, Kite Runner is a piece of divine art,One of my all time fav books...I generally skip pages, since I havent got the patience....Trust me my take on this book was different...I did read the whole thing at one strech

  5. Lijy: Hey , thanks to you also for stopping by

    devil mood: I so agree with you and I must add that not many books do that.
    Very ironic in fact that US started and now seeks to end the tension

    radha: I didnt truly feel that this book was over the edge, but now that you say it maybe yes, i never did think abt it so much, but then guess thats what they say when the writer is good, he didnt even let me get out of the book to think too much! :)

    tabitha: after all you raved about the book, i certainly could not NOT read it :) its lovely btw...

  6. The kite runner:-Above the political scenario,one thing hidden in kite runner is relations,trust and brotherhood
    One sentence attracts my attention till the date.After a year; there is a way to be good again. Redemption.
    Khaleed mastered in depicting emotions and what not ? its my all time favorite


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