May 19, 2008

Love the Confusion !

It is so easy to get confused.

I am sure many of you would agree with me. Yesterday, I was shopping for crockery and I needed to pick up just two bowls for morning breakfast, and that was such a disaster. There are far too many choices which one is faced with I feel on one side, and then I am also so grateful for all the choices that are there which will only make the whole household shopping more fun. (I love colours, plain pastel coloured bowls, deep coloured dinner plates and serve-ware to my list).

On reaching the store, I also realized that there are Oh so many designs available in dinner plates too. I wanted something in ceramic and not melamine. That sort of helped In deciding whether I should be looking on the right aisle or the left one. But then I was just not prepared for the variety available. And the fact still was I did not find what I wanted, I just saw so many designs, in fact I saw them many a times too but nothing really struck! I have this ideology that I pick up stuff which I really like on the first look of sorts, else those which you just pick up after a lot of thought are just compromises.

Anyhow, by the end of almost an hour, I walked out with no dinner plates nor breakfast bowls but I did find some nice cute small yellow bowls… not for breakfast but just for Whisky, for her breakfast!


  1. Happens the same with me too, most times. I go to buy something, and I end up buying something else.

    And the indeciveness bit - we're all thrown in with the endless varities & brands available.

  2. They are just plates and bowls! Geez! Do you want them to match the shades of your kitchen walls ! Close your eyes and pick any one. But make sure they are microwavable. Owing microwavable stuff makes life so much more convinient, dont you think :)

  3. hahahahaha... Whiskey benefitted from ur confusion!!

  4. romila: I am yet to buy my dinner plates!

    phnxaztc: I dont have a microwave so that would be ideally very fwd thinking :) but not a bad idea.

    ritu: Yups, her bright yellow bowls look nice :)


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