May 15, 2008

I don't know ... but, maybe I do!

For every conversation that you do not wish to continue or in fact do not want to prolong under any circumstances, then the best answer is always...

There come so many situations when you don’t want to say anything, but then the people facing you do not seem to understand that. Just got me thinking what’s the best option?

I am trying to look for the not so direct push off phrases…
  1. I don’t know, would not work, as the person might tend to believe 'it' to be an invitation to pour knowledge unto thy poor unknowing soul!
  2. I am busy right now, might just result in pushing trouble for a later time.
  3. I am too tired, lets talk tomorrow, might draw undue trouble on your health and all such related aspects.
I cant really think of anything else which might successfully push someone off!

I guess many a times one has to know what will put an end to the conversation and what works for one might not work for another.

For example, when someone says I don't know, I take it to be a uninterested statement and hence would not bother to waste my breath explaining, where as I myself have come across so many others who tend to think this is an open invitation to speak about everything that they know!

Even just standing there not uttering a word and just smiling doesn't at times seem to get the message across!


  1. true..i feel i dont know is the most common phrase used.. and ill call you back in case of phone conversations..

  2. whoa! hold on ... I have broken relationships for lack of a phrase to get out of a conversation. My most dreaded phrase is 'aur batao'! Imagine a point to point conversation of 5 minutes and then the opposite party throws in this phrase. What do you do, where do you hide!! I mean, didnt we finish off the reason for this conversation just now? Dont you have anywhere else that you need to be going to? Do you really want to keep talking with me? Am I that interesting? Trust me, I am not!

    Just a sample of thoughts that flash through my mind a millisecond after that question :)

  3. manohar: I agree I forgot to mention, 'Call you back's in case of phone conversations!

    phnxaztc: I so agree with what you say, you say hi, say your matter, then maybe a half a minute of chit chat, then thats it... atleast i always hope thats it.


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