June 5, 2008

Standing by ...

Giving up is something so easy and something which can not be reversed also. Starting on anything is starting and seeing it till the end of your capability. What if you decide that in between you are not capable of doing what you intended, I believe it does not hurt to try harder. One's belief when you started out on something should not die through time.

And I feel if you think you are losing the motivation and drive that you had then time for you to sit down and get it back, not decide to branch away into something else which might look easier, more interesting, less troublesome etc.

When the tough gets going, I believe the going should really get tough. And by the going really getting tough, one should stand by one's decisions. Sometimes you are not the only one whom the decision will be affecting, and hence things can't be started and left midway, they need to be seen to completion.

By this, I hope to stand by many many things I have started and things which i feel need me to see to completion too.


  1. I totally agree. There have been many times when I just want to give up on projects but I find that if I just walk away for a day or two and give myself a break, the passion and vision come back.

  2. you are right..its always better to stick with ones decisions rather than venturing into things which might appear easier... and anyways whatever happens in the end its always the best for you....

  3. Rayne: I have given up on so many projects which I have started, countless... now i plan on picking each one of them and completing them.

    Swayam: I hope my decisions will show the light at the end of the tunnel :)


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